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Do you have a small business or venture that you would like to promote? 

I am happy working with PR companies and small businesses (Special offers for Etsy sellers, local businesses and independent websites)

Our Handmade Home has an engaged, loyal and growing audience.

Our readers are mostly gorgeous ladies* with awesome cool kids ** - they love their homes and gardens, and a cup of tea of a soft sofa with their feet up when the kids are asleep. They are into home improvement, crafting, cooking, gardening and keeping small people** entertained. My readers are ethically minded and like making things.

Most of all, my readers are awesome, really and truly actually awesome!!

* some are handsome gents
** some have cats and no kids***
*** the cats are equally awesome and cool

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Dec '18 stats:

Monthly page views : 7,000 +
Twitter followers : 870 +
Facebook fans : 100 +
Pinterest followers : 200 +
Google+ :130+

I want to share interesting products that my readers will love. If you have something you think fits the bill please get in touch

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All words and opinions are mine, don't expect anything more than polite honesty.

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Please don't ask

Email me for prices and details

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Full disclosure - My readers are everything, they let me do what I love, they trust me and my opinions. I will always state in full if I have received payments or gifts from companies. 

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