Vintage Singer Sewing

I was very frustrated when I got my Vintage Singer Sewing Machine. I couldn't find any help or online guides for where to start and what to do with her, I learned the hard way and spent hours digging around in badly maintained websites to get some info.
So I've put together a few posts that I would have found useful at the beginning.

If you have just acquired an old people-powered sewing machine (treadle or handcrank) I think you should start by reading why I love my machine so much.

Next, you will probably want to identify your machine. My article shows you how to find out when and where your pre-electric sewing machine was made, and what model you have. If you want me to do the leg work CLICK HERE for my ID service.

Here's the article you want if you need to quickly clean her up and make her work again.

Now for one of the most frequently asked questions, click on the link below if you want to sell your Granny's old machine and pay off the mortgage. 
(spoiler alert - that's not going to happen)

 Click To Go To The Article

I received my hundred year old treadle sewing machine (a 1923, 15K) in 2012 and I just love having her around. We get thousands of hits each month from people looking for information about vintage sewing machines.

So I've collected all my posts here, including some FAQs from those of you who have sent me questions over the past year or sew*

*ha, ha, get it?, Sew, hahahah... I'll get my coat.

Varnishing my Singer Cabinet

Protecting Floors From a Treadle Sewing Machine


How Should I Clean My Vintage Sewing Machine?

How Do I Unlock My Sewing Machine Drawers?

How Do I Do Reverse Stitch on My Old Sewing Machine?

Ask Your Singer Machine Questions...
If you have any questions you'd like me to answer in relation to your machine please follow the link to this post and leave questions in the comments box.

I use my old singer for all the sewing I do in the house (except for the rare occasions where I have to use a zig-zag)
Here are just some of the things I have made with my Singer Sewing Machine over the past few years.

Our Livingroom Curtains

Some Nursery Curtains for a friend

A Retro Kitchen apron

NB: Identifying an Old Singer Machine

I love sharing everything I have learned about vintage singer machines with all you readers out there in Blogland. I can ID your machine for you or check out the post How to... Identify an Old Singer Sewing Machine and follow all the tips and links I have up there (thats all I do anyway)

The instructions are for domestic, pre-electric models, and the most important thing you need is the serial number, but even if you don't have it there is another website linked on that post that can help.

I've been getting an email a week, often just containing photos and a curt "what machine have I got?" message - I could start charging for the service I guess, but since I have shared all my resources already that seems a bit cheeky. ETA - I have now launched an ID service

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