Tuesday 18 August 2015

Identify Your Old Singer Sewing Machine

Use the following instructions if you have a Singer hand-crank sewing machine or Singer treadle sewing machine only.

First you need your machine's unique Singer Serial Number - You will find it embossed onto the metal body of the machine somewhere. (not a plaque, not on the wooden case but on the actual machine)

To find the model number and year of manufacture click here and follow the instructions.

To find out where your singer sewing machine was made check here

If you can't find the serial number follow the instructions on this website, it should help you get the model number - but only if you have a manual singer model.

Pre-1900 models are more difficult to identify, but it might still be possible.

There was a Singer factory in Germany whose offices were destroyed around the end of WWII - All their records were lost (obviously before any digital copies were made) It might not be possible to identify the details of a machine made in that factory.

For a more detailed run through of how I identified my machine see my post here

If you want me to do the leg-work see my ID service HERE

You can see all my other posts on sewing machines by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

For expert advice on electric machines you will need to look elsewhere, sorry.
For expert advice on non-singer vintage models, you will need to look elsewhere, sorry.

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I am inundated with calls for help identifying old sewing machines, I now have a Singer ID service. I love to hear your stories about your machines, please do keep leaving me comments and sending me emails.


  1. I have just came into an old singer but am having trouble finding it. Can you help?

  2. I have a machine with no numbers. On the front it says Martha Washington. On ther back it says Model A. Anyone know?


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