Wednesday 26 December 2007

We Wish You A Wombling Merry Christmas - - Archives 2007


We made it, Christmas morning and I cooked the food, finished painting the wall in the diningroom and made the last of the chrimbo pressies... oh yeah, and I did the mummy thing to a very excited and happy 15 month old girl.

When it was all over, I put my feet up and ate chocolate (it was Greens and Blacks so it wasn't so bad) I missed the TV for the first time since we got rid of it (several months ago) but I browsed quite happily through one of my Christmas books, while E devoured what was left of Daddy's chocolate cake.

I demand a rest, after the crazy few weeks that we have had. I demand to be E's Mummy for a bit of time everyday, we both need it badly. She is turning into a toddler and is needing more supervision, support and encouragement as she learns to do more things, communicate in different ways and become a child and no longer a baby.

Most of all, I demand to go to sleep, as it is 1.50 am Boxing Day, I have started to ramble a tad too much, and we have my family to see tomorrow, another long, if slightly less manic day.

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