Tuesday 21 September 2010

Late Summer - Archives 2010

The mini-holding, originally uploaded by Snowdrops and Daisies.

This is a lovely time of year in the growing calender (when it isn't pissing it down)

Time to seriously harvest all the veg I have tended since spring...

I take a very 'permaculturey' (not a real word) approach to harvest.... we pick what we need for dinner that night.
Potatoes, carrots and other roots get left in the ground over winter.
Courgettes are left on the plant untill the become marrows (easier to store) or until we want to eat them.
Onions are picked and dried before being pleated and hung (the onion harvest isn't what it should be really.

veg that has gone to seed is left to self-seed, giving us unexpected but strong and healthy plant for the following season.

Some winter veg has been planted in the hope that we will continue to eat homegrown fresh veg beyond the end of October

The polytunnel is a real bugbear... it is a nightmare to keep watering it and it is now riddled with mice... certainly need to improve it for next year.

The tomatoes are doing pretty well though, maybe a bit late than I would have liked, but I have picked a few healthy handfuls for salads and omlettes

Soon we will be moving the chickens in to over wintering in the polytunnel to clear it of bugs and fertilise the soil.

Then we start planning our planting schedule for next year....

thanks for reading ;o)

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