Wednesday 8 December 2010

Post Office delays... Archives 2010

Well, the snow has been lying around here for around 10 days now. It is over  foot deep and icing over terribly as temperatures reach -15ºC overnight and not much about -5ºC during the day.

Roads around here have either been gridlocked or closed due to snow, with some poor souls spending 24hours or more stuck in their cars on motor-ways. schools have been closed, no refuse collections and very little post delivered.

My husband has been unable to get back to us from Glasgow for 3 days and nights, and police have declared that only essential journeys should be undertaken.

Snowflake in the Snow in November 30th - it has snowed a good 10 inches since then...

So my post office trips have been canceled all week, and I have a small backlog parcels waiting to go on their merry way to customers around the UK.

All my customers have been absolutely fantastic in understanding this situation, aren't you all just so lovely :) Thankyou!

Nothing left for me and Snowflake (my 4YO daughter) to do but knit, drink hot chocolate and watch Star Wars ... happy days :)


Snow x (a moniker which I am slowly growing to resent, lol)

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