Monday 17 January 2011

Priming the back door and the new blog

So we are starting the long process to getting our home back.... TIme for a new place to share what will be a lovely new home.

Positive thinking only from here on in. Promise.

This weekend I was priming the back door. One coat inside, two coats on the outside... which is even less exciting than it sounds.

Priming is Dull McDull with a capital Dull.... but it is necessary. It will protect our lovely wood door, minimise warping that can happen to all wood doors in damp conditions, and it will also be easier to paint with the final layer of gloss.

On my ipod

The Nitty Gritty:
  • Wooden 2xg door from Howdens Timber, the door is made from Indonesian hardwood and comes from managed forests. I am not altogether content with how environmentally sound that is but It was just about the only wooden door we could find which meets building standards for insulation value. It comes unglazed, our new nice builder is fitting a double glazed panel into the top.
  • We picked up the quick-drying wood primer in B+Q

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