Wednesday 24 August 2011

Hot Water Tank - Part One

Tonight we finally got our hot water tank up into the loft
It is in NO WAY plumbed in, but it is up there.

It had been 
• Many years in the planning •
• Months choosing •
• Hours arguing with plumbers* •
• Weeks ordering •
(more weeks sitting in the hall)

 With just the 2 of us, we managed to position and pull and hall the 60kg large tank up through our loft hatch.

lots of shouting


Now no more sleepless nights worrying about how to get it up there...

• • •

*A few plumbers refused to believe we could get a tank that provided mains pressure hot water while also using our wood burner to heat it.
One plumber not only refused to believe it, but argued that it could not possibly exist,
and proceeded to 'square up' to J

"I don't come round here telling you how to work computers, do I"


That was a moment I don't want to relive....

• • •

Anyway, they most emphatically DO exist, and, after finding almost every plumber we met to be a complete moron, we decided to go ahead and order one ourselves.

Many thanks go to the wonderful Dan at McDonald Engineers who put up with my questions and confirmed that our research was correct and we are not crazy.

Also big thanks to my ickle nephew (I swear, I blinked and he suddenly became 21) and helped us out finding a merchant to buy it through.

So meet our new tank:

I think I shall call her Big Flo

She still has her bubble wrap coat on...

The tank is made in Scotland and will be heated by our wood burner, and eventually by solar panels too, with full back up from 2 electric immersers. It will provide mains pressure hot water and all our central heating needs.

It is the best of all worlds... though this doesn't come cheap, it is arguably sort of equivalent to a combi boiler... but run on wood and solar. (get us and our eco-credentials)

Now, I need to start studying the installation instructions..... :-/

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  1. Now, you will surely enjoy taking a bath with your hot water tank. It's amazing that you two were able to put that 60kg baby in place. I can't wait to see the rest of your lovely loft.

    -Richelle Loughney


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