Friday, 9 December 2011

How to make... Origami Christmas Decorations

We always have a very handmade christmas, this year I thought I would share with you a tutorial for making your own origami decorations.

This is a simple but strong construction and once you get into the rhythm of making them you can create lots and string them together or hang them like baubles from your tree.

You need a square of paper, I use 1/4 of a standard 80gsm (15x15) origami sheet
or 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm
Size doesn't really matter, as long as it is square.

Begin by folding your square in half diagonally and creasing,
then fold by the other diagonal and crease
Crease the triangle at thirds
First take a rough guess and pinch slightly then fold the tip of the other edge
 to meet your pinched crease and repeat with the first side creasing fully this time.
This will result in creases at perfect thirds.
tuck one point inside the pocket created at the other 

Fold down the last point, to create a square and crease.
Fold the entire square diagonally and crease and release then fold along the other diagonal and crease again.

And tuck the front corner inside

squeeze the sides together slightly

Fold the longer flap inside the pocket now created on from the other flap
(this bit can be tricky)
Now make a bazillion more (or around 50 for a nice sized garland)
If you found that difficult to follow I made this wee youtube video to help

Once you have your shape it is very simple to thread them all together to create a garland

Origami Garland 'nursery' #1

Or secure a little loop of thread inside that last fold with a teeny bit of glue for some baubles

Origami Christmas Decs...

Hope you enjoy your Handmade Christmas x

Disclaimer:  I got this design out of an old kids origami book that I no longer have. My folding technique has changed from the directions given in the book. I reckon it is a standard old design no longer under any copyright but if you know differently I am happy to attribute the copyright owner correctly... thankyou x

Edit to add - You can see another origami christmas decoration tutorial here
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