Monday 19 November 2012

*Closer* to finishing the living-room

The whole of our living area is open plan.

Kitchen, Dining area, Living room, Den, Study and Stairwell all open to each other.... which works great as a family friendly home but not so great when you are trying to renovate while living in it.

The living area being open plan makes work anywhere in the room fairly disruptive, so we decided to split the room into 3 manageable chunks.

We got the first 1/3 up to reasonable condition back in April

We have spent the last month working on the other end.

For the past 2 weeks it has looked like this:

Sectioned off using our DIY dust sheets.

Over the weekend J finished sanding the plaster
  (at which I was almost completely useless)

 So I did some lime plastering in the kitchen instead

And someone else had a tea-party... 

So after a very long month Finishing the hearth and the fire surround, getting the taping and plastering done, fitting shelves, sanding walls and finally painting.

We are closer to finishing the living-room!!

It might not look nearly finished to you.

But this is how it looked a year ago.


  • No insulation
  • No plasterboard
  • No cabling for sockets
  • No hearth (difficult to see in the photo but the woodburner was sitting on the original concrete floor 4 inches below the wooden floor surface)
  • Stone fire surround was a mess
  • Chimney breast and wall to the left of it had original lime plaster on them, It was in bad condition but we wanted to repair it rather than cover it up.
  • And about 40 other things too.

  • Oh and here is our rubble wall, which is also almost done... 


Still on the to-do list for the living-room
  • Skirting boards
  • More painting
  • Another coat of varnish on the floor
  • Wiring sockets and lights, and getting the electrics connected by the electrician at the consumer unit.
  • About 40 other things, but smallish things, like changing doorhandles and putting up curtain rails 

Most of the things we have left to do are nice little afternoon jobs, jobs that either Small can 'help' with or jobs that are not disruptive if she is in bed or watching a DVD. 

But I decided to have a few days off.

Of course we still have the last 1/3 of the living-room to do, and that includes the stairwell and installing new radiators. And also a little bit of plasterboard sanding... but I might just happen to be out of the house that day ;o)

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