Friday, 18 January 2013

Happy Blogiversary!

I started blogging at Our Handmade Home 2 years ago this week!

*confetti cannon*


So what has been happening chez McG over the past 2 years??

Well for starters, 2 years ago this house was uninhabitable *Boo

We had few walls, few floors, no stairs, no sink, no back door. Our furniture and other belongings were stored in a garage at the end of the road and we were living between my Sister's in Fife and my Brother's in Glasgow. It was a hectic and unhappy time and not one I would wish on my worst enemy. I'm glad it is very much behind us now.

In my first blog post I was priming a door - it was the first thing I painted in the house, and that was good for the soul. I remember it was freezing and we had no way of keeping warm, and no way of washing. I was wearing CSI gloves on my hands, with socks over them to try keep clean and warm. I am quite the fashion icon.



All done by our own fair hands, and we are proud of ourselves. We've still got a terribly long way to go.... but I hope you'll agree we're going in the right direction now. We're not even finished everything you can see in the photo (oh the shame!)

Since then we have:

  • Moved home
  • Brought Cat home
  • Sanded most of the floors
  • Finished Small's room
  • Built the kitchen
  • Got the majority of the electrics up and running
  • Bought all the major appliances for the kitchen (we're still paying for them)
  • Had the builders back to do the livingroom floor and ceiling
  • Had hot water sorted.
  • Fitted our shower room.
  • Poured a concrete hearth, then tiled it.
  • Fitted all the radiators
  • About 100 other things

And all this time we kept the homemade meals coming, kept reading bedtime stories, kept home-educating, one of us has been holding down a demanding job, we've had friends and family over for dinners and birthdays, and all on a tight budget.

I think we've done rather well, so we are going to give each other a pat on the back.

During a lot of the harder work over the last year I neglected the blog a bit... soz blog lovers. Blogging isn't easy when you are cold, tired and exhausted. We did take photos and I am hoping to share more of them with you as we move on to the more enjoyable bits of renovating our home.

Thanks for joining us over the past 2 years. Knowing that you folks are out there following us makes us feel all warm and cosy inside.
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