Friday, 25 January 2013

Jist Me Haverin'

Warning: The following Blog post is in the Scots language - I have had lots of people trying to run this post through google translate today. Sorry folks but that isn't going to work. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, I promise.  x 

- - -

A wus thinkin' aboot it fir a wee bit 'n a decided tae celebrate the Burn's Night by pennin' a wee ditty fir ma blog in ma mangled versin o Scots.

Noo, whin a wis wee we wurnae encouraged tae speak in Scots cis it wis generally believed thit it wis basic'ly slang... Yi aey put oan yer posh voice whin talkin tae yir Granny 'n yir teacher. But y'd get a doin' fir speakin aw posh in that tae yir pals.

Um fae North Kelviside (a bit o Maryhull in Glasgow whur people kid oan thir posher thin they ur) A would'nae really toak like this normally, a wid feel like a daftie.

Bit it's Burn's 'n maybe we should aw tak a wee bit moar pride in whur we come fae.

Hope yous aw huv yersels a pure dead brilliant Burn's night, enjoy yir haggis, neeps n'tatties.

Fair fa’ aw yous sonsie faces 'n Lang may yer lums reek.

P.S Gonnae no point oot aw ma mistakes, a know am a pure tumshie.

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