Monday 20 May 2013

So Long Chooks!

We are still in shock.

We have no chickens.

A hole in run and a mass of feathers leads us to believe that it was a fox. We had previously lost 2 chickens to a fox but it had never managed to get in the run before.

But this time, they are all gone, just feathers left, and no sign of how Mr Fox got in or out of the garden. It is the first time in 4 years that we have had no chickens... no more fresh eggs... no more happy cluck, cluck, clucking... and no more slug patrolling munchers.

They weren't 'pets' they didn't have names and we couldn't have picked ours out of a line-up but as a collective they were nice to have around.

The garden is just not the same without them.

So long chooks, and thanks for all the eggs.


  1. Thanks guys,

    We're missing the eggs but we're glad we gave the girls a good life with grass at their feet and the sun on their backs :)



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