Wednesday 22 October 2014

Our Rainbow Mobile (and how I made it)

Today I'm sharing with y'all the simple mobile I made for Teeny (several months ago) - I'm so happy with the results... and more to the point, so is Teeny - though now he is at a very grabby stage the mobile is being hung higher and higher.

There are loads of really cute crib mobiles on Etsy if you don't feel like making one yourself, but it isn't that hard - I've put in a couple of pointers below.

Felt Baby Crib Mobile - Our Handmade Home

I love the rainbows and the rain cloud, though I was never crazy about the birds, Small likes them, so they stayed. Teeny is a rainbow baby which is where the design came from, and I made this before he was born and it is intentionally unisex

Felt Rainbow Mobile - Our Handmade Home

The rainbow colours are in reverse order on either side of the rainbows as I couldn't decide which way I liked best. They are just semi-circles of felt stitched on top of each other.
The smallest is 2 cm wide and they increase in 2cm increments (I used a pair of compasses to make my templates)

The hanging frame is 1cm thick circular dowel cut to 45cm lengths. I cut a groove in one to allow the other to sit snuggly on top. Then super-glued and bound it with embroidery thread (which I also super-glued in place)

DIY mobile frame - Our Handmade Home

To hold the dangly bits (technical term) in place I made a wee cut with a small hacksaw about 7mm from the ends, it is just wide enough to catch the thread.

Crib Mobile Frame - Our Handmade Home

It is a really simple design, 
feel free to copy it for your own use or for a gift.

Tweet me some photos or stick them on our facebook page if you do make your own version.

Simple Felt Baby Crib Mobile - Our Handmade Home

The Nitty Gritty :

Dowel - 1cm thick pine circular dowel from a selection at B&Q, we had to buy an 8ft length - you should be able to find something similar at any good DIY or art supplies store

Felt - I used ecofi ecofelt - it is made out of recycled plastic bottles and comes in various colours - I had a big stash from when I was an Etsy seller years ago. I'm sure you can find it on eBay, or use any other nice sewing felt.

Embroidery thread - I always use DMC brand, there is a huge range of colours available, I tend to pick up some in fabric shops with good haberdashery departments (specifically Remnant Kings in Glasgow and Hamilton)

Haberdashery is such a good word isn't it... I think I'll say it again... haberdashery :)

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