Friday 6 March 2015

Toolbox Orginising

toolbox orginising - our handmade home

We are in and out of our toolboxes at least once a week, but they were badly disorganised. It drove me crazy and wasted so much  of our time.

This is usually how it goes:
Quick job to do,
Can't find what we need in the first toolbox,
Can't find what we need in the second toolbox,
Find it on the floor,
Do the job,
Dump the tool on top of a toolbox... or back on the floor...

Main problem: The old tool box is too small and broken to do its job

old toolbox - Our Handmade Home

The latch doesn't close, it is dirty, messy, broken, bashed, rusty, infuriatingly just too small for our hammer and scratches the wooden floors.

I was reluctant to replace it as I like the ye-olde style, but one day, someone will loose a finger, and that someone is more than likely, to be me!

I figured it was worth replacing it with a younger model.

Enter the neat and tidy and bigger-than-it-looks new toolbox *woot*

Stanley Babushka - Our Handmade Home

The old tool box was full of broken rawlplugs, sawdust, and dead beasties, everything needed a good sort and clean.

Tool Box Organising - Our Handmade Home

I laid everything out - sorted it all into categories - cleaned it all with a skoosh of WD40 and popped it all in its new home.

Tool Box Organising - Our Handmade Home

We still have another huge tool box with club hammers, chisels, staple gun and hacksaw, etc, but all of what we call our 'everyday' tools fitted in this nifty wee toolbox. I also made little laminated lists of the contents of both tool boxes so I know what to find where.

16" toolbox - blog

Now everything has a place and the box is neat enough to have stashed under the stairs for a quick picture hanging, shelf putteruppering or bathroom fitting (yup.... everyday things... that's what I said)

At last I can get to the basics without breaking a leg or loosing a finger.

Nitty Gritty -

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