Thursday 8 October 2015

Tinkering Behind The Scenes

In the coming weeks we'll be conducting a big re-design on this blog.

option #1

We'll be getting a new layout, a new banner and most excitingly, we'll be moving over to our own .com Woot!! Don't worry, we won't loose each other in the flit, that is why I am doing so much behind the scenes, so it all goes smoothly front-of-house.

option #2

I've done bits and pieces of blog-design work in the past and I love playing around with fonts, colours and button designs. It is soooo tricky settling on a design I am fully confident of and I've had second thoughts many times. It would be easier to get someone else to do the designing... just because I'm so indecisive and want to tweak it all the time. Then there is the coding, I'm a bit rusty and I continue to surprise myself when clickable elements work and it all comes together in the end.

Option #3

The trickiest thing is doing so much of the design work with a bouncy toddler on my lap, demanding I draw Elmo with his crayons. He just can't stay away from his Mama when she is tinkering in the office. This is one of the joys of open plan living.

Taken with the web-cam while typing this post.
I will admit, I cannot code with Teeny near by... for code I must have my eyes glued to the computer screen and a cup of hot tea near by... must...concentrate... can't... look... away.

I'm excited that I have got to this stage and a bit nervous about the big change over.

Which of the banner designs would you go for???
My final design still needs some tweaks but I wonder if you'll pick the same as me.

option #1
option #2

option #3

 Leave your choice in the comments below, I always love feedback.

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