Thursday 26 November 2015

The Light Fantastic

I like a pendant light, I like a lampshade and the cosy homely feeling that gives, but having bedrooms in the attic certainly creates its problems -with a lack of head height the pendant soon turns into a hazard dangling in front of your eyes and something else to bump your head on.

So when it came to picking a lighting solution in Teeny's room I was open to suggestions. John has always been more of a minimalist when it comes to home design and he had been talking about recessed lighting for some time. I was dubious, "Won't it look too 'atticy' or too modern for a bedroom?" but he won this battle - I have to say, I'm glad he did.

fitting recessed lights - Our Handmade Home

We went with LED recessed lighting, very affordable from IKEA. We installed 3 in a row, 2 would have been sufficient but 3 is, in fact, the magic number, and I always think it looks more balanced with 3. 

fitting recessed lights - Our Handmade Home

They are very simple and bright... a bit too bright for a bedroom, but they will be wired up to a dimmer switch so they will be just perfect - bright for playtime - dimmed for cuddle time.

led recessed light ikea

They do look really swish and make the room, which is very small and dull, feel big and bright and beautiful.

Ikea recessed lighting LED Our Handmade Home

The Nitty Gritty:

  • The lights are Haggum by IKEA
  • John is experienced when it comes to wiring - but if you are in any doubt get a certified electrician to do it.

We're nearing the end of this massive and drawn out project... I have been riddled with injuries (both physical and mental) Between looking after baby and home-educating we have hardly had any time for renovations, and for 18 months I had hardly any sleep. I can't believe we are nearly finished*... SQUEEEEEE!!!

To Do List:

  • Paint and fit skirting (base) boards and door surround.
  • Finish lime coating the chimney
  • Last coat of paint on everything
  • Little fittings (i.e. hooks, a dimmer switch and a door handle)
  • Move in THE TOYS!!!

*we are nearly finished this 1 room, there are 4 rooms in the house that we haven't even started on.

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