Monday 25 January 2016

Teeny's Bedroom - THE BIG REVEAL!!!

Yes - We did it!

Red toddler bedroom -

The Spare Room that was full of an astonishing amount of crap has slowly but beautifully become our wee man's bedroom... it is finally finished and, for the first time we get to do a BIG REVEAL on the blog...

toy storage toddler -
Teeny is so thrilled to have his own space to play in we've kept the furniture to a minimum to allow for more floor space. The toy storage is simple to allow for a quick tidy up at the end of each day. We have too many, far more than will fit in this small unit, we keep them in storage boxes above the wardrobe and rotate them every few months.

rast toddler baby drawers

The little chest of drawers doubles as a bedside table. A spare dummy and a couple of board books keep the little man happy to stay in his cot that little bit longer in the morning, Bliss I tell you, SHEER BLISS!!


baby boy red room-
Last weekend we fitted the radiator, door handle, hooks and a dimmer switch. Then we had to just wait a few days for the 'new room' smell to dissipate before moving in the toys. A few days later we moved in his cot and Teeny was more than happy to sleep in his new Big Boy Room - a few weeks ago we had some tears at the suggestion, so we were relieved that in the end, he made the transition easily.

We had been in two minds about leaving the room white - but now that the colourful curtains are in place I'm glad we kept the rest of the room simple.

little boys room dala horse curtains

Thanks for following us along on this journey, next project TBA.

You can read more about Teeny's room here:

A quick recap of the insulation, and plasterboarding

The taping and sanding of the walls

The Floor

The Lights

The Painting

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