Sunday, 17 January 2016

Teeny's Room - All White Now!

The skirting and door surround has been fitted, the chimney plastering has been completed and the painting is finally finished in Teeny's room... It is ALL white. White walls, white windows, white skirting, white door, I know, not very imaginative.

We toyed with painting the chimney wall lime green or peacock blue... and I am still tempted by the idea of some kind of hand drawn mural, like we did in Small's room. I'm being a bit indecisive, so all white it shall be, for now.

And, after so much darkness and mess in this room I love the brightness and the cleanliness of it all, and of course once it is full of toys there will be enough going on.

Actually the door needed one more coat after taking this photo, it has been done now.

The paint had barely dried and I was just peeling the masking tape off of the floor when the kids decided to have a wee dance in it, what a beautiful moment.

To Do List:
  • Paint and fit skirting (base) boards and door surround.
  • Finish lime coating the chimney
  • Last coat of paint on everything
  • Little fittings (i.e. hooks, a dimmer switch and a door handle)
  • Move in THE TOYS!!!

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