Tuesday 2 February 2016

Launching a Singer ID Service

Today I am launching a service to identify Singer sewing machines. (pre-electric models only)

You can see the details HERE

Tension discs 15k Singer Sewing Machine

This morning at 7am I received yet another message via this blog containing a serial number of a Vintage Singer Sewing machine.

Literally this is the entire content of that message:

 "My serial # is ********"

That was it, not... "hi, I wonder if you can help" not ... "I can't find out any information about my machine" ... and no "please" or "thank you"

You know what, I make my kids ask me again if they haven't asked nicely the first time. *stern face*

I have given all the resources I use in THIS POST

I currently spend about an hour a week looking out information for these machines from all over the world, I have become quite the expert, and I find the work intriguing. But it eats away at time with my kids, time DIYing and time sewing on the machine that brought me here.

While I am typing this post another message flashes up on my screen "I have machine ********"

So I am launching a service where I will do the identification for a small fee in line with the amount of time I spend looking for the information. Prices vary from £3.50 to £20

Much as I hate to turn people down asking for help I must have identified over 100 machines now and I think it is fair to be asking for compensation for my hard work.

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