Sunday 16 December 2018

The Forth D.I.Y of Christmas - 4 Handmade Stockings

I can't think of anything nicer than a handmade Christmas Stocking hanging by the fireplace waiting for Santa. Apart from, maybe, a stocking filled with goodies on Christmas morning!!!

xmas Stockings - Our Handmade Home

I struggled to find the right pattern for me and was uninspired by the photos accompanying the patterns that I did find, however I eventually settled on this hobbycraft pattern, but knitted them 2/3 of the pattern (i.e cast on 40 stitches rather that 60), using aran 100% wool on 5mm circular needle (using the magic loop method)

There is one stocking with random stripes (not a huge fan of it though) and one with 2 row stripes (which I think is much cuter). The spots were embroidered onto plain stockings after knitting, to avoid holes.

The yarn I used is 100% wool spun at New Lanark mills in the UNESCO world heritage site. It is available to buy online too.

Total Cost - £20 ish (but most of the yarn was left over from other projects)
Total Time - Probably 6 hours per stocking
Total Christmassy Factor - 9/10

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