Wednesday 19 December 2018

The Sixth D.I.Y of Christmas - 6 Pot Holder Gifts

These were made by Small (age 12) for giving as gifts to some family friends. She has made some as gifts before, and also for selling at craft fairs to raise money for charity. They make up quickly from scraps and are fab little gifts.

Christmas Pot Holders - Our Handmade Home

We're almost at the shortest day and the light was fading by the time Small was making these, so please excuse the poor light in the photos - These are made out of 100% cotton  scraps on the outside and 2 layers of cheap recycled fleece fabric on the inside.

how to make pot holders - our handmade home

An 8 inch square carefully stitched together inside out (leaving a small space for turning inside out) trimmed closely and turned the right way round, adding a loop for hanging. Then stitched round the outside and in an spiral shape towards the middle.

pot holders - our handmade home

A little stack ready for wrapping.

xmas pot holders - our handmade home

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