Sunday 21 October 2007

Oh Dear......

Tonight we have been filling the front eaves of the house with some insulation. We managed to get Knauf Space Blankets on a BOGOF and though perhaps not intended for this specific purpose we got on pretty well.


When I crawled along the innards of the eaves I found half the wall missing, what was a 2 foot thick wall is now maybe even only 6" thick in places with the huge wallhead stones still in place.


It basically looks like a cave in some parts. The reason for this is that the people who did our damp and dry rot work were, apparently, incapable of finishing the job to proffesional standards. They are still charging proffesional prices though.

As we have just discovered this, potentially dangerous, problem we will be contacting the company first thing on Monday morning to get the boss to come and look at the work for himself. We have never signed to say that we are satisfied with the work and we have already let them know that we are unhappy with the finish.

Spooky Pumpkins

When visiting Sainsbury's today I notice that they had both "edible pumpkins" and "carving pumpkins" so I got thinking, are the "carving pumpkins" somehow inedible??? No, surely not, they are maybe just grown for size rather than flavour. Then it hit me that maybe they spray the crop with something, giving you supersize pumpkins but rendering then fruit unfit for human consumption. So I asked a member of staff, who asked a more senior member of staff, who asked the duty manager... and no the "carving pumpkins" are not edible!!!!! I have no idea why, it seems very odd, esspecially when they sell them in the fruit and veg isle... I will try to contact Sainsburys to find out what is going on.

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