Wednesday 12 December 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy - Archives 2007

We are trying soooo hard at the moment to get things in the living-room sorted by Christmas, of course isn't it always the way that everything else happens at the same time...

The microwave has broken - light coming on, plate spinning round, but things aren't heating up.

The drains needed unblocked, someone is using too much loo-roll.... I admit nothing.

E has come out in a horrid rash, due to a change in her nappies, we are having to make cut backs and swapped her Nature Babycare disposables for Huggies... big mistake... there are chemicals and bleaches in them which seem to have caused horrendous nappy rash, poor thing.

Our wood supplies have run down much quicker than we had expected.

Cat has decided to pee everywhere - presumably due to stress, I have yet to resort to such cries for help...

Then I woke up this morning and realised it is just 2 weeks till Christmas... AAAARRRRGGGGHHH

Of course there is very little that I can get done during the day when it is just me and E here, I try to keep on top of the cleaning and tidying of the important parts of the house, usually just feels like I am treading water.
We have been able to get 1-2 hours of work done every evening, then try to get some food in bed before we drop off and it all starts again. We are preparing the walls for painting in the living room, although we still have more than half of the ceiling to plasterboard, then we'll fill the joints and paint that too.

The living-room is looking something like this at the moment
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Which is a million times better than what it looked like a few weeks ago
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Not sure that we are ready to put up our Christmas tree yet though.

Well 2 whole weeks eh, I am sure we can manage that.... watch this space...

Thanks for reading ;o)

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