Tuesday 12 August 2008

Selfsufficientish day - Archives 2008

The guys at Selfsufficientish.com have named Wednesday 13 August 2008 the first annual selfsufficientish day.

The idea is that you might do something self-sufficient-ish on that day - the clue is in the title ;-)

I can't decide what to do, but I have vowed not to switch on the computer.

I might finish the chicken house,
I might make some Nippy sauce,
I might just tidy the garden,
I might cycle down to the library.

hmmmm... decisions, decisions...

I made a haybox cooker a wee while ago, and I have a prototype solar water heater sitting on the patio - since I built it though we have had no sun :( so I am waiting to see if it works before altering it.

I could do some knitting of course, but I do too much of that anyway... I am sure there must be something practical I could do... I just haven't thought of anything yet.

I will report back - y'see now that I have told people I will do something, I have too, can't just eat flapjacks and watch DVDs all day - though, there's a thought...

Thanks for reading :o)

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