Thursday, 14 August 2008

Better luck next year... - Archives 2008

On the first annual self-sufficient-ish day I...
weeded the garden
got chased by wasps
hung out the washing...

got chased by wasps
picked some food for dinner
got chased by wasps
came into the house for lunch
didn't notice the rain starting
5 mins and 6inches of rain later I ran out to pick up the electric strimmer I had left outside :roll: I left the washing, it was as wet as it could be anyway...
made some shortbread
painted the diningroom wall
had a cup of tea with the in-laws
plastered part of the livingroom wall
cried a little cause I hate my house and no amount of painting or plastering is going to make it half decent. :( :( :(
went to bed early (the food I picked for dinner is still lying on the grass outside :roll: )

Now... if it hadn't rained so much I might have got more done... or I would have been even more dis-heartened by having to retreat to the house.

Well today I am burning some hedge trimmings in the wood-burner and cooking a chickpea stew on top - with the turnip (swede/rutabaga) and carrot I harvested yesterday and I'll pick some potatoes too - I might finish the meal off with some fresh raspberries (also from the garden) ... so I feel much more self-sufficient-ish :D

thanks for reading ;o)
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