Friday 22 August 2008

Wasps.... grrr... - Archives 2008

It got me... I was pruning my lavender, minding my own business, leaving spiders in situ and humming to myself.
I decided that it was slow enough work that I could manage a cup of tea at the same time. As I lowered my scissor wielding arm... AYA!, and then a wasp flew away from my arm pit.... nice...

That'll teach me to:

  1. cover up everytime, I usually do, but the sun was so lovely on my skin today, first time the sun has been out for a few weeks.
  2. not to use scented deodorant - I have converted to salt crystals but this morning I decided to freshen up my top a little by using some spray on stinky stuff too... doh!

I seem to react badly to wasp stings, I am told that it is not always sore for hours and doesn't always swell to the size of a small car.
I still have great discomfort moving my arm (I am writing this 10 hours since 'sting time') the swelling hasn't been as bad as it has before but I have taken ibuprofen and anti-histamines... and had an ice pack under my arm for around 5 hours so if it was still going to swell, that would be a worry.

Anyway, just fancied having a moan about it...moan, moan, moan...

I turned compost this morning (riviting stuff) It is stinky and tedious but it helps the compost break down quicker, which means we should have 2 cubic metres by the spring, just in time for planting.

Butternut squash plants have gone into the ground too, they could have done with fresh manure, but I didn't have any on me at the time, so they have made do with fresh compost, comfrey leaves and loads of weed tea (which I must right a bit about sometime)

Anyway, must dash, it is J's birthday weekend so lots of nice, relaxing and fun things to do... I can't think of what but I am sure there are.

Thanks for reading ;o)

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