Tuesday 31 March 2009

Spring is here, Spring in here. - Archives 2009

Reading over that last post of mine is wa-a-a-a-y to depresing.... Hey, it's Spring!!!! :D :D :D

The fruit trees are just about to pop into blossom and the daffodils are evidently waiting for their engraved invitation before they open up. We are very exposed here, our garden sits at about 220m above Sea level and is the highest point for at least 5 miles, so you can imagine the winds are quite strong and it takes a while for us to warm up in the spring. The benefit of being so high is that we are often above the cloud base (cloud base? is that what it is called?) anyway, we can have glorious sunny days when the valley is overcast and cold. :mrgreen:


The Polytunnel is up... really, it is. It took a good deal longer than first tunnels reckon it should take you and we came to the conclusision that you must not be too particular while putting it up... I would have thought such an item, bought flatpack, would fit together perfectly, but it certainly did not. We still have an issue with the 'anti-hotspot tape' which appears to have come apart already. :? Sadly I was overly keen (yup, that sounds like me) to get some things in there and didn't give them enough cover, my courgette, 20 tiny tomato plants, 2 sweetcorn plants and 2 cucumber plants have been lost to Saturday nights frosts.... you live you learn.


Seems we might be getting our chickens soon, I built the chicken house last April and still haven't put the doors, nest box or the run on it.... I started the run yesterday and I got it more or less finished this afternoon, just a bit of tinkering left to do.

I need to order a new child seat for the bike.

I took back our Hamax Plus child seat and other parts... the bag dangerously came off making the whole system kind-of obsolete, since I bought it so I could carry bags and Shortie. Seems to me like the whole system has a fundamental design flaw, in that it is trying to achieve something either unachievable, or they just went around it the wrong way. The bags being too large to comfortabley fit around the seat. The bags are also possibley the heaviest panniers on the market, add that to possibly the heaviest child seat on the market and the heaviest rack on the market = disaster. The wonderful shop 'The Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative' was great and gave me a full refund which was truly amazing considering the flaw was not their fault.


What a very disjointed blog entry :?

Well anyway...

Thanks for reading ;o)


  1. Hi Annpan!

    Have you heard about the Weeride child bike seats before? We're getting one for our son, it goes on the front of the bike rather than the back... thought that might be handy for you to know - you could get normal panniers for your bike then.

    Best wishes,
    'Penny Lane'

  2. Yes Sara

    I did see them, and loved the idea of being able to chat away to E while cycling along.... sounds bliss...

    However, I have a VERY high step through on my bike (almost like a mens model) having a front mounted seat might make the stability when mounting and un-mounting the bike dangerous. My movement would be hampered, and the places I could hold the bike would be limited.

    Also, the type of riding I do is intensive, it is not leisurely along nice straight, level roads (unfortunately) having an obstacle to leg movement or upper body position while cycling up a steep hill, approaching a tractor or being followed by an irate driver in a 4x4 just doesn't sound ideal.

    I have also read that these seats are really only suitable for up to age 3 (E is 2.5 so not long to go)

    But yes they look ideal for more 'lesuirly' rides.... sigh....

    I did get a front basket (in black metal mesh, not too twee ;) ) and it is super for carrying all the bits and pieces, I also have a backpack if we go on longer trips. So I don't feel panniers are essential any more. And I guess the weight is more evenly spread

    I have ordered a co-pilot Taxi seat, I will write about it when we have tried it out.

    x x x


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