Thursday 3 September 2009

Big Vat of Sauce Day - Archives 2009

About once a year I make a HUGE pot of nippy sauce to last us the rest of the year... I make it in the biggest pot I have, which is a 10l one and I scour the house to find enough jars for it all to go in - I invariably end up using all sorts of weird shapes and sizes, that refuse to stack well on a shelf... despite the amount of jars I save up.

Spices for Nippy
the dry stuff

So today is the day... the day is usually in May or June, but I have been really disorganised this year. :( pending building work is to blame.

aaaah, a lovely clean chopping board
Our house is not really in a suitable condition for storing Jams and Chutneys this year... but I couldn't forsee a year without nippy and, since one of it's main ingredients is  rhubarb I really need to get a move on, while there is still some rhubarb left.

The sauce before boiling mushing

Nippy is a alteration/variation of Nigella Lawson's Brown sauce recipe, from her Domestic Goddess book -  but I have changed a few bits of it over time, including adding more spiciness... hence, the name 'Nippy' (is that a Scottish word? I have no idea :? )


hmm... vat-o-sauce

So here is it is... somewhere between 8 and 10 litres of Nippy sauce.... YUM! (not all the jars are visible in the photo)


I'll leave it for about a month before we start eating it - Like most chutneys, it improves with age.

Thanks for reading ;o)

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