Monday 17 May 2010

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And so it continues into summer....

I would say I have reached the end of my patience but that was passed a long time ago.

Today I have drafted a letter to our builder telling him that if the internal work is not finished by Friday he can consider himself off the job and consider legal action pending. How else am I to continue, I ask you?

Friday will be 21st May, we had hoped for the building work to be mostly finished, or at least be able to move back home by Easter.

I continue to come to the house each day, I continue to miss my wee girl terribly, I continue to blame myself for being so forgiving and understanding to the builder months ago when we started letting things slip.

However - I have collated notes together in a site diary, having taken lots of photos and made lots of posts on facebook and on this blog. I had a lot of information - what the weather was like, who came to the site, what work was done.... I'm rather pleased I took time to note these things down occasionally  :) I'm not sure it will get us anywhere, but I have it, in one document, which is great.

I keep hoping we will be able to move back in soon, and I keep disapointing myself. To wake up at home, to drink my morning cuppa in bed and to spend the day playing in the garden with my wee girl is what I now dream of... I don't know if it will ever happen though, how utterly depressing :(


Thankyou to the readers of this blog who have left comments and emailed me to send their support, you really don't know the boost I get from a virtual pat on the back.


I'll end this short blog post with a small plea - If any of my local regular readers feel the desire to help us out for a weekend or a few hours you will be more than welcome. If any readers from further afield are willing to give a teeny something I would ask that, when I re-open my etsy shop that you could help me promote, and therefore increase my sales and help us financially over the coming months and years.

We have spent all our money on this build, we saved up for many years and we will be paying it off for many, many more years - We currently have very little time to spend together as a family and if and when we do move back home there will be many evenings and weekends spent trying to repair damage done and trying to make the best of the mess the builders have left us with.

The sustainable, simple life that we chose for ourselves feels very distant indeed these days.

Thanks for reading ;o)


  1. Just emailed you Ann..ring me and we'll arrange when we can come over

    Laura & John

  2. Hi Ann.

    Not sure what we can do but willing to help anywhere we can. Painting, cleaning, kicking builders butts?! Just let us know.

    We have a van, that may be of help somehow?



  3. Thanks guys,

    I'll get back to you :)


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