Monday 10 May 2010

First crop of rhubarb... YUM! - Archives 2010

We are still out of our house and missing all the joys of spring, and missing each other terribly.

We are now almost 2 months since we moved out of our home while building work was completed. I have no idea when it will become possible for us to return.... the main builder has all but walked off the job.

Tapers are here this morning (they tape the gaps between sheets of plasterboard) But K doesn't have the money to pay any other trades to come and finish the job. We are told no-one will be back till we make the next payment.

We have received threats of legal action and he also threatened to remove work that has already been carried out.... don't ask me why, I really have no idea...

The lovely lady from building regs came to do a quick inspection and spotted about 10 things that were major issues, of course K wasn't here to answer or comment.

This is real 'cowboy builder' material.

So.... as things stand we don't know when we will be able to move back home and even when we do, this nightmare is likely to continue through many more months...


But, I do have my rhubarb and the fruit trees are blossoming. The Pakchoi and Mizuna in the polytunnel are thriving. The chickens are happy and the birds are singing..... if only I was living at home to enjoy it all...

Thanks for reading ;o)


  1. We had our first rhubarb on Sunday..yummy !
    So sorry to hear of continuing hassles.
    Sending hugs and hopes...I've emailed you.

  2. Thanks Laura :)

    Hope your rhubarb was delicious :)



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