Friday 23 April 2010

A bonfire - Archives 2010

A bonfire, originally uploaded by Snowdrops and Daisies.

Over the past few days I have been having a major clear up and organising the garden.

I have moved and stacked loads of the bricks and stone that came out of the house - I will use these for walls and paths in the garden.

Yesterday I had the mother of all bonfires... mostly to clear 3 hawthorn bushes... Hawthorn in a mixed hedge is lovely for the wild life and pretty when it blossoms but it is an evil and sadistic plant - I seriously have no idea why anyone feels the need to use barbed wire fences, this hawthorn is lethal.... so I burnt it.

Also burned loads of hedge prunings and last years pea-sticks... so the garden looks a lot tidier and I am able to get more veg beds in and planted and start coppicing the hedge for this years pea-sticks and supports. :)

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