Tuesday 8 February 2011

Reclaimed Flooring

When we started looking for flooring for our renovation we came to a few simple decisions

  • Due to allergies and asthma we wanted a hard floor.
  • Tiles would be too hard for young 'uns running around (plus I am clumsy and liable to break things... or indeed, myself)
  • We felt uneasy with the manufacturing process of standard chipboard flooring (the glues contain nasty chemicals, including formaldehyde)  
  • A structural floor which is also the finished floor (ie nice floorboards) would be the ideal solution.
  • We wanted something both in-keeping with the age of the cottage and with our love of Scandi-modern design principles.

We did find a supplier of new pine floor boards, however, we felt they would have looked out of place in our 250 year old cottage and they would have taken too long to age... short of 'distressing' the floor by bashing it and pouring on of gunk.

Then one night, while looking around on Ebay we found the perfect solution. Reclaimed sports flooring - sold by McKay Flooring of Glasgow (click the link below to look at their fabby online shop, they deliver nationwide - check out their amazing whisky barrel flooring)

The flooring is reclaimed from gym halls around the country, mostly when it is being replaced with a new gym floor.

What's more, it was a family company selling it. Their showroom and warehouse was in Govan, on the street J's Grandfather grew up on.... we decided it was meant to be.

The flooring in situ in the bedroom (prior to any sanding or treatment)

The price is similar to that of good quality carpet or floor tiling and, as it is structural as well, it ends up cheaper in the long run... plus, after a quick sand and varnish it should give us that gorgeous finish we were looking for.

We are considering leaving on some of the sports lines... but we'll need to see how it looks once it has had a good scrub and varnish over the top.

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Reclaimed Beech Sports Flooring from McKay Flooring of Glasgow [22mm depth, 129mm wide (double strip) 3.7m length]


  1. I really like it with the colours on, leave some for definite!

  2. Love the positive thinking and the floor! So glad things are progressing at last :)


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