Sunday 14 October 2012

Doodling Bookcases (an important job that needed done)

We have a single LARGE open plan livingroom (10m x 5m) our plan is that, when finished it will have lots of little areas in it for working, reading, knitting, playing, dancing, watching movies, juggling, lounging, and just general lovely homely kind-of-things

But at the moment it is all a bit…


It isn't painted…

It isn't even all plastered…

It has holes in the ceiling where we need access to complete the central heating…

And the hearth is only half tiled

This photo was actually taken back in April,
but not much has changed since then :-/

Oh yes, and there are no electrics...

But apart from that, it is all fine!!

- the thing is, well, its like this see; 'cause it's such a large living area it's impossible to segregate it off from the rest of the house to do messy work, especially when we have a wonderful home-educated little lady who seems to devour our time endlessly, we also now have a reasonably cosy kitchen and we tend to ignore the Livingroom somewhat… hey at least I am being honest here, we pretty much got too darned lazy to do any more work… those computer games don't play themselves you know!

Anyway, we have given ourselves the proverbial kick up the bahookie and have started planning the remaining work to the room.

This kick was brought on, not least by the fact that it got cold recently and we are spending a lot more time in front of the wood-burner, trying to ignore the holes in the ceilings and the lack of paint on the walls… this gets tricky to do after a while so we thought we really ought to get to work.

To ease myself in, and while having a much deserved cuppa, I was deciding on some bookcases for our 'media wall'

I know, it maybe doesn't look much like a 'media wall to you, but there will eventually be a pull down screen infront of the bookcase for our home cinema, I know, get us and our home cinema, Woooooo!!

Our current storage is overloaded and very wobbly. We also have boxes which have yet to be unpacked since we moved house, over 5 years ago *sigh* so a decent storage solution in our gorgeous new livingroom is essential.

Now before we can go and buy the wonderful media/bookcase/storage thing I need to finish taping the plasterboard, and sand the plaster, and fit 2 radiators, and paint everything, and finish plastering the stone wall and put up curtain rails and make curtains and varnish the window ledges.... and at least 15 other jobs that I haven't even thought of yet

OK so we're a long way from actually buying and fitting bookcases, but at least I have another doodle to stick in my sketchbook.


  1. I've been doodling designs for our bathroom, which currently consists of broken tiles and crumbling grout. I'd come up with something that we were so perfectly happy with, only to be told by the plumber that we can't have another drain put in, which means shower will have to be over bath. And that means back to the drawing board for me. :/

    1. yes, I've done that too. However, something that comes from learning to be your own plumber... I am stubborn and adamant that it WILL work and likely to spend weeks trying to figure out pipe layouts... only to realises that no, it won't work.

      Besides showers over the bath are the new black... FACT!


  2. Our kitchen is presently between rooms - sink in one, just about everything else in the other and the oven/hob not wired in yet. And I only just got the bedroom out of the living room that is also my workroom and the computer room and had the dining room table as well until we turfed eldest into the old computer room and turned his room into the new kitchen instead of the bathroom it was going to be until we decided that hell would freeze over before we could afford to move the toilet!!! Nine years and counting!!!

    At least the old house will get a brand new bathroom for her 100th birthday :)

    viv in nz

  3. That sounds like an immense amount of work Viv, good luck with it all.

    Ann x


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