Tuesday 16 October 2012

Ladders + Plaster + Stairs = not exactly my idea of fun

Yesterday, I was finishing taping the plasterboard in our stairwell.
(Taping, for the uninitiated, is the practice of filling the gaps in between plasterboard with a thin layer of plaster, a strip of paper tape and more plaster, to achieve an entirely flat surface, which then gets sanded before being painted)

Now, I've done a fair bit of taping in the last 18 months or so, I wouldn't say I am brilliant at it, but I'd say 'fair to good' I do work a bit slowly, It doesn't matter, the job gets done and looks good.

I put together a short tutorial on taping back in the early days

But taping in the stairwell, this is another kettle of fish

Being up at the top our very long ladders,
with a plaster hawk in one hand and a taping knife in the other

Oh, in the name of the wee man!!

But to add to this, the feet of the ladder are not sitting on firm ground, no Siree Bob, the feet of the ladder have to be standing on a step and the ladders are inevitably at some odd angle because we have limited space in which to work.

I was shouting down to J at 5 second intervals:

"Are you still holding the ladders?"

"Are they not moving?"

"Oh, I thought they moved"

"Are you still holding the ladders?"

I managed to hold it together just long enough to get the job done thankfully but I had somewhat sweaty palms by the end of it...hmm, niiiice!

All the fun is added to by having no lights on the stairs
(the lighting circuit isn't ready to be connected just yet)

My knees might have stopped shaking by next weekend, when it will be time to mount the ladders again to begin the labourious task of sanding.

Ah, the joy of self-renovating.

Truth be told, I am proud of myself that I got it done and I am looking forward to getting it painted someday.

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