Thursday 29 November 2012

Dolls' House Furniture (part 2)

I've already let you into the history of my

30 years later, I have eventually started to finish them off.

* * *

I began by applying 2 coats of white undercoat to the whole set.

Then we sanded them down which took off the jaggy bits of plywood, lumpy bits of glue and any other irregularities. 
NB. The patina of the plywood is still showing through in places,
I like the authenticity of this and don't plan on changing it.

Ready for painting!

Top Tip: I used a 120 grade sandpaper for all round the furniture, paying special attention to the edges where glue had been applied. I used an emery board for sanding inbetween all the slats on the headboard and for around the little handles on the wardrobe.

Then I made a woopsie when picking the paint colours which has required a bit of a fix before I can finish them off.

Heres a bit of sneak preview... otherwise entitled, "what happens when you leave a project on the coffee table to make a cup of tea" the dolls were oblivious to the wet paint signs.

The dolls just HAD to be brought down to meet their new bed
... in between coats! #nothelpful
I've quite a bit left to do before they are actually finished... watch this space

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