Tuesday, 27 November 2012

This time last year...

This time last year I wasn't able to blog so much because we were so crazy-busy with building work and also life at home was a bit mental. We were living with no heating or hot water and the living room was looking completely impossible, it was hellish to live with.

So we called in the cavalry

the wonderful
Russel Preservation of Strathaven. 
They had been the amazing team who came and made our home safe and sound to live in.
seriously, they are the awesomest.

They came back to fit our 
reclaimed hardwood livingroom floor.
and plasterboard the ceiling

and to build the frame for the front and side wall.

For us this just could not have been a DIY job, 

well.... we technically could have done it, 

but not with a child in the house, 

not in less than a month, 

and it would have damned near killed us.

We did do the insulation ourselves though,
that's easy peasy!

One year on and we're still not finished the living room but I am sitting on my sofa infront of the fire supping tea. 

and y'know....

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