Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Staircase Challenge: Week 1

We're one week into our staircase challenge (well only half a week really, but I'm keeping up with others on the challenge to update on a Tuesday)

We've not got far, I'm not going to lie...

The staircase is sectioned off with our makeshift plastic sheeting - our downstairs is all open-plan so this is our attempt at keeping dust in the kitchen, on school-books, in the cats bed, etc to a minimum.

No amount of sheeting stops plaster dust, heck, doors don't even stop plaster dust but it keeps it at bay a little and we try to run the hoover around every now and then.

You may notice (if you like playing spot the difference) that there is a little edging strip on the under-sidey bit - It is covering the raw edge of the plasterboard where it meets the stair stringer - 8 on our little diagram.

The beading/edging strip/whatsitmcalled is an L shaped length of pine, nailed in place with little headless nails, I decided it was just a tad too heavy for glue... and besides you don't get to use a hammer with glue.

So that's one job ticked off.

Here is what still needs done:
  1. Sand back the plaster for the entire stairwell - We're getting there, John has been up a ladder for the past 3 evenings, but we've quite a bit left to go.
  2. Prime and paint the stairwell walls
  3. Fit plastic packers 
  4. Caulk all the gaps
  5. Sand back the filler 
  6. Prime the last 3 stairs
  7. Fit beading between stringer and the plasterboard
  8. Fit beading on corner under-sidey bitNailed it! (sorry)
  9. Paint the entire staircase (twice)
  10. Floor varnish over the painted stairs
  11. Stick on tread gripy strips
Still loads on the todo list there - eeks!

I did spend most of the weekend fixing the holes in the ceiling and I've been doing a bit of skirting boards on the side (baseboards) which I may entertain you with another day.

Once John has finished sanding the plaster I will be all over those stairs.

Here are the other blogs who are taking part in the Stair-off.

There have been injuries already! Christine had a head start, so the safe money is probably on Little House On The Corner (which would actually make a pretty good horse name) As far as I can tell with the others it is still too close to call.

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