Monday 7 January 2013

Ta-da list for 2012

Here's my top ten of all the things that kept us busy last year:

Fitted the sink in the shower room - The poor sink sat around for 9 months before actually getting fitted, we are bad at things like that.  (note to self: must do better)

This is an old photo, we have a huge mirror above it now too.

Tidied the garden - we got rid of a stack of pallets, loads of old degraded carpet and buckets full of rubbish we dug up. We've still got a ways to go, but we're on the right track.

Finished that Rubble wall in the livingroom- We didn't know where to start with this wall, but we knew the look we wanted to finish with. We figured it out #highfives

One day, I will get a decent photo of this wall.... not today, but one day...

Decluttered via ebay, freecycle and charity - We cleared a scaelextric set, some posh baby clothes, a fancy dress I would never wear again, a window, an old playstation, a load of crockery, books, CDs, gosh, tonnes of stuff. We still have a few boxes full to get rid of but most of it is gone.

Plastered the living-room and stairwell (well most of it)

Lime plastering in the kitchen - still a way to go, but it does look like the walls are connected to each other now, so thats a good start. You can see how we got started on the walls in this post

Renovated a 100 year old treadle sewing machine - this was an unexpected gift from my sister, and I love it sooooo much. everytime I talk about her I want to go and randomly sew something, I don't care what, I just love the rythmn of the treadle.

Fitted some downstairs radiators - one of those jobs that need done 'before winter' and ended up doing it in December...oops

Finished the hearth - again, it took a year to get around to doing it... but it is now done.

Got fully immersed in olympic and paralympic fever - We loved it, we went to see the flame, watched about 6 weeks of sport on TV, then we went to see the winners parade in Glasgow - and we cheered them all on every step of the way. I wish we had managed to get to one of the events but sadly it wasn't to be. Maybe when the commonwealth games come to Glasgow next year.
A lorry load of inspirational, amazing people and their medals
2 points if you can spot Chris Hoy

These are just my favourites, 2012 was a busy year for us and we got loads done. Here's hoping 2013 will be just as busy and just a tad more productive... it would be really nice to get a bunch of things ticked off the to-do list this year.

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