Tuesday 8 January 2013

Goals for 2013

I often wonder if it is a good idea to let you guys into our plans for world domination finishing the house.

On one hand: it will give us an extra boost, if we know you are watching us and waiting to hear that it is all done.

One the other hand: if we miss deadlines I might panic and hide, and that's no good at all.

Yesterday I shared my Ta-Das for last year so, in for a penny, in for a pound and all that. Here goes...

* * *
Our top ten goals for the year
* * *

Get our building warrant completion certificate
 - this is obviously the most important item on the list, it is scary horrid paperwork - yikes! This requires that we finish the building work on the extension... since we have no builder, this will involve lots of hard work and probably include some of the items on the rest of the list. (though probably not the nice painting)

Paint the stairs - This is something that has been on the to-do list for ages, the stairs are right in the middle of the living room and once they are painted they will a have a real big impact (and we are hoping "Wow Factor") We have the paint but there is quite a bit of preparation work still to be done.

Get chimney fixed - This is going to be pricey, we can't do it ourselves (really just due to the height) and there is a little bit of water getting in so it really needs done this spring/summer.

Sand and refinish the kitchen floor - We put on 3 coats of varnish but it has worn really badly in places, we are going to sand back the whole lot and put down another 4 or more coats, what a pest!

This gives me sad face, I really wish we had put on 7 coats to start with, 3 is nowhere near enough.
Get electrics in the livingroom and hall - We're just so used to not having electrics in the living room, it would be wonderful to be able to plug in lamps and computers. Oh and also have light! It is going to be another expensive job because we need the electrician to come and wire it into the fuse box, test the whole system and give us a completion certificate.

Sort out the back patio and landscaping - OK, seriously, this is a muddy hole, or rather, it was a muddy hole, then the weeds took hold, so it is a muddy hole with weeds. It spoils the whole garden. We kinda know what we are doing here though, but it is going to be hard work.

The view from our kitchen window... ach!!

Finish tiling the kitchen
- This shouldn't be too hard, and we have all the stuff for it already. but there are a few things needing done before we can get the tiles in place. Like fitting the units properly and moving a few sockets.

Have a usable (preferably finished) en-suite - This would really be a luxury, we have no plans for it yet, just an small room with pipes in place. Just now we use it for storage and drying washing, but right now I'm thinking of blue tiles.

What a mess!
Have a usable bath - a bath, imagine the luxury. We've stopped short of actually planning to finish the bathroom, too much like wishful thinking.

This is were our bath should be... we use it for storing materials.

Build or buy a bench for the kitchen
- I have my eye on a few IKEA models, but I also have some doodles for a bespoke bench. We've not decided which would be the best yet.

a built in bench would go over the teeny radiator.

* * *

OK so some of these will be much easier to achieve than others, some will be expensive and some will be back-breaking hard work... and these are just a top ten, these are in no way a comprehensive list, but it is a start.

Hopefully I'll be back in December to let you know how we got on.

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