Friday 11 January 2013

Staircase Challenge: Tag-a-long

I read a few other DIY blogs... blogs belonging to other ladies who DIY and I mean proper DIY, not just painting. These ladies do all the sanding, drilling, plastering and plumbing as well as paint and I'm not sure that there are that many of us about.

Anywhoos, there I was wandering through blog-land when I clicked on Ugly Duckling House, I'm a regular visitor, and here was a post about a staircase duel... between UDH and DIY diva. They are having a DIY-off for finishing their staircase first.

So I'm going to join in with them. I'm not really one of the gang so I am more shouting from the sidelines, but they did ask if anyone wanted to join in, and that kick up the bum was just what I needed.

You may have seen that our staircase was near the top of our goals list for this year anyway, so the girls have inspired me to pull up my socks and y'know, start actually doing it. It was October when I finished the plastering, and I swore I would get the sanding done the following weekend. I did not. And we haven't really done anything else on the stairs since then.

Here is what still needs done:
  1. Sand back the plaster for the entire stairwell
  2. Prime and paint the stairwell
  3. Fit plastic packers under the stairs to stop the squeaking
  4. Caulk the gaps on the stairs
  5. Sand back the filler 
  6. Prime the last 3 stairs, which never got done when I primed the rest of it
  7. Fit beading between stringer and the plasterboard
  8. Fit beading on corner under-sidey bit
  9. Paint the entire staircase (twice)
  10. Seal the treads of the staircase with a hard-wearing clear floor varnish
  11. Stick on tread gripy strips (these probably have a proper name,)

To properly finish we also need to patch the plasterboarding (x) where we have left it open for our home-network - but if we want to finish this, we must also finish wiring for said home network, which is in John's hands, and that's another show.

I'll be running updates as I go along.

The race is on!
- - -

ETA - Don't forget to check out my progress:
Week 1
Week 2
How I stopped my stairs from creaking


  1. I'm a visitor over from the Dueling DIYers :) You've got a lot of projects to do on the staircase that I've never had any experience with, so I'll be happy to follow along with the progress!

  2. hey, for #11, instead of stick on grippy stuff, there's a clear grippy spray on that's from (i think) rustoleum. maybe that would work for you, and then you don't have weird strips interfering with your treads. you won't have to bother removing old glue to apply new strips either.

    just a thought.
    good luck!

    --visitor from DIYdiva ^.^-b

    1. Hi Kitty,

      Brilliant idea. We have one roll of the tape stuff but I think we would need more to finish the job. I like the idea of a spray though - I'll look into it.


  3. I am a visitor too from DIY Diva and Ugly Duckling House, and you did a hell of a lot of work there! I'll follow your progress if you don't mind!

    1. Yup, we had some bad builders who messed up the whole house, we could only afford to get the good builders to make it structurally safe. We have done just about everything else.

      Thanks for following.

  4. I just used a product called Bona Traffic Anti-Slip Satin on my stained stair treads. It leaves a subtle sandpapery finish with the shine of a satin varnish. I have little kids so wanted the protection for little ones in sock feet on stairs. It was expensive but it would combine your last 2 steps. It is a Swedish product so you might be able to find it in the UK. (I'm stateside.)

    1. That sounds great, I've had a quick google and not found anything like that available here, but I'll keep looking.

      I've got a Small one too and though she is fine on the stairs her little friends are forever slipping on them... silly things.

      Thanks for the tip, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

  5. Hi. I am also taking part of the dueling diy divas and my stairwell is a disaster! In my search for a way to not have carpet, but yet still not break my neck walkng down stairs, I foun an additive from Behr that you add to the finish to help it be not slip. I wonder if that would be easier to clean than the no slip tape.

    1. I'll look into that Sandra, Thanks.

      Good luck with your stairs, I'm following with interest :)



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