Monday 18 February 2013

An Afternoon Spent Under the Sink

We had a drip, a slow drip, it was under the utility-room sink. The pipe work was a bit of a mess and regularly would get bashed when removing bottles of fabric softener and such things. I'd imagine that is why it began dripping. (woops)

So I switched off the water, and tackled it with spanners.

Now flexible pipes are never all that flexible, and there never seems enough space for all those inlet hoses and waste pipes under a kitchen sink. Let alone space for my elbows and hands. 

I had to undo the network of pipes, try to find a better layout and put it all back together. It took 2 hours.

Then I realised we need to get some different shaped bits.

The water needed turned back on, the dinner needed cooked and I needed a wee, so I had to make do with what was there, for now.

But at least we no longer have a drip, so basically, it's all good.

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