Friday 22 February 2013

How to make... a Homemade Twister Game

We made this on a cold winter's afternoon, it was fun to make, and fun to play with.

You will need:
A roll of paper
A roll of sticky-tape
A large plate
A pencil
Colouring crayons (red, blue, green and yellow)

Cut 3 equal lengths from the paper roll (around 6' long) and tape them together to make a huge square of paper.

Draw a grid of 16 circles (4 x 4) using a pencil to draw around the plate.

Colour each row a different colour with crayons. - This bit was fun.

That gives you your playing 'board'

I made the spinning selector piece by using a square of paper with the colours and hands and feet written around the outside.

We used a piece of lego as a make-shift spinner - you could try making one out of cardboard or something

If you don't know the game it goes something like this:
One person is in charge of the spinner.
One or more people are on the board.

You spin and call out where the pointer lands (eg. left foot, red)
The people on the board have to put their left feet on a red dot on the board, and keep it there. The spinner spins again.
You are only allowed to touch the board where the spinner tell you to.
If you fall over you are out of the game.

We played many variations, younger kids can enjoy hoping from one colour to another, or the spinner can call out different instructions to each player.

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