Thursday 21 February 2013

I Found an Egg = It Is Spring!!

I don't know when the official start of spring is but our chickens have just laid their first eggs since October so I have decided it is, in fact, Spring.


If you have ever thought about getting chickens but haven't got round to it, please do. Especially if you have young kids, and can keep foxes and dogs out. Having a few chickens can teach you so much about food, farming and animal welfare. Plus the eggs you get from own chickens will be the best you have ever tasted, especially if you let them roam around a little and eat plenty of grass.

We have had chickens for 4 years now and there is still something magical about peeking in the nest box to see that some eggs have magically appeared.

We need to top up the nesting material, the girls seem to have worked a hole in it.

Our girls are healthy, friendly chickens, they are ridiculously tame, they can behave a bit like cats, doing figures of 8 between your legs as you push a wheelbarrow up the hill. They peck out of curiosity so we do need to keep gloves on, or they'll give a nasty nip.  We've never named them and we're quite glad of that, because we don't get so upset when Mr Fox managed to get to them. But we love having the little critters about, and we love the fresh eggs!!

They also kindly eat every slug they can get their little beaks on, our mini-holding is organic so the chickens are our #1 pesticide.

The girls spend most of the winter cooped up in their little run, but they spend the summer out and about, roaming the garden, scratching in the dirt, pooping all over the place and pecking at the grass and herbs. They are so funny to watch,

We are planning on getting a few more ladies to increase the flock, this time we want some blue egg layers, if anyone local to us knows of any breeders, give us a shout.


  1. Yay for chicken! We have a couple of bootleg barnyards in our neighborhood but we are working on making small flocks of chicken and maybe even milk goats legal in residential areas of our town :) Wish us luck! I would so love to have a handful of Silkies

    1. Yes, good luck!

      Silkies are so funny looking too :)


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