Monday, 25 March 2013

Finally a Bookcase

We eventually got the bookcase up and filled. We spent a week with the living-room being even more chaotic than usual; the previous 2 bookcases were emptied and all the other normal junk was shifted about.

This was where we were at last Monday… oh, and this was BEFORE I emptied the bookcases and created more mess... O.M.G!!!!

Mess begats mess and I'd go so far as to say this end of the living-room hadn't been tidied properly since…well… probably since the walls were painted. We definitely had too little storage and it was just impossible to try to sort it all out.

But now - check it out - even my LPs are alphabetised!!!

Points if you can spot what is out of place
Double point if you can guess why it isn't
Not everything fits on the new shelves, our record player is still under the wardrobe and the CDs are under the bed along with most of our books. We plan on adding 1 more full unit to this setup - then adding some drawers too. So still a ways to go but, I hope you'll agree, we are totally getting there.

Plus look at all that floor space, I might need to use it for a wee bit of dancin' later.
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