Friday 22 March 2013

Flatpack Fail

Yesterday I shared with you my plans for the media wall.

The little one and I had an awesome time putting up the first bookcase - one of my proudest moments was when Small was 4, playing with her 'Bob the Builder' toy tools, she turned to me and said "look, I'm being a mummy" #win

Building flatpacks together is a great bonding experience and, since it was my Mothers' day gift it was an essential girls night in.


we found a bash in it...

The next morning, after spending 45mins on hold to customer services at Ikea we decided just to try taking the part back.

We only returned the damaged bit and they were happy to replace that part. We also got petrol compensation, which was a nice bonus - remember to ask if you need to return a faulty item to Ikea.

Now we get the chance to spend another girls night in, finishing building the bookcase and then an epic sorting out of all the 'stuff' that has accumulated all over the other bookcases, units, sewing machine, um.. floor.


  1. It really puts a damper on the excitement of putting a piece together when you have to return a faulty piece!
    I wonder if the petrol thing would work here in Canada too? I'll have to ask about that...

    1. Always worth a try... they don't advertise it at all here, but you just need to ask, the worst they can say is no. :)


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