Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Staircase Challenge Week 9 - Adding Colour!

Is that right? week 9? Gosh this has been taking a lot longer than we thought it would take.... but... the good news is... I have officially started painting the staircase now.


It is a really gorgeous, mellifluous colour, it is strokably beautiful.

I'm only on the first coat and doing one section at a time.

I think we had both really underestimated the amount of work needing doing on the stairs, especially the filling and sanding. We are loving the colour though, did I say that? So glad we went for this above the original plan of red.

We are making progress, slow progress and we are doing lots of other jobs around the house and garden.

It is so nice to get the colour up though (OK I'll shut-up about the colour now)

The plan is for the whole staircase to be this colour, but we are going to take it slowly on the treads and risers because it might just look too much? what do you think? Baring in mind this is the only colour in our house so far (everything else is white or bare wood) It will either be overpowering or it will be a brillant pop of colour.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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