Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to Unlock Sewing Machine Drawers

Maria asked: ... How do you unlock your side drawers on your machine?

My drawers have a central lock between the two drawers on either side (mine is a 5 drawer model, the middle flip down drawer does not lock)

The key looks very simple and flat - replacement keys are available to buy on ebay, some are more decorative. (also; there are different key shapes, some are triangular, I can only advise on my model which is a 15K, 5 drawer model made in Clydebank 1923)

The little flat key goes in vertically, turns counter-clockwise by 90º to lock.

To unlock it would go in horizontally and turn 90º clockwise

The same goes for locking the lid. There is a little hole on the right of the lid. To lock you put the key in vertically and turn 90º anti-clockwise.

 As you can see in this photo, a little hook comes up to catch the upper leaf of the table.

I never lock my machine, I personally don't see the point. I guess you might want to keep young kids away from sewing needles (or some kind of military secrets) in the drawers. But the un-lockable mechanism below is much more lethal in my opinion. 

Anyways, I hope that helps.

* * *

Update: Maria managed to get her drawers unlocked and found her original manual, what a find! You can find the free downloads of manuals for 15K, 28K, 66K and 99K on this website other manuals are available on that site for a fee.

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