Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Goals for 2013 - How did we do?

Around this time last year I shared with you our goals for 2013 - They were reasonable tasks to be completed in a year and would get our house pretty darned close to being finished.

So how did we do?

If you've been following the blog through the year, you might be able to take a wild guess at how we did... heres some clues for you 1, 23.

So here's the low down on our checklist.

Get our building warrant completion certificate - Nope, we have a further extension on the building warrant and hope to get it completed at some point in the next 6 months.

Paint the stairs - Well, they are half done, and that's better than not at all... right? - 0.5 points

Get chimney fixed - Umm, nope.

Sand and refinish the kitchen floor - Nope

Get electrics in the living room and hall - Haha Yes! We actually did this one thing on the list, or rather we paid for our electrician to come and do it. We have lights and sockets in the living room now, Woopee!! This had the happy knock-on effect of us getting a proper TV in the living room for the first time in 12 years. 1 point

Sort out the back patio and landscaping - John made a really brilliant start on this, I felt terrible that he had to do it all by himself but the groundwork is done (literally) though there is still a lot of landscaping and actual patioing (yes, its a word) left to be done - 0.5 points

Finish tiling the kitchen - Nope

Have a usable (preferably finished) en-suite - Nope

Have a usable bath -Nope - there's a pattern here.... 

Build or buy a bench for the kitchen
 - Nope

overall score - 2/10

It is slightly embarrassing how badly we have done this year OK so I had a couple of months at the start of the year when I wasn't pregnant, and those months were productive. But then I made a human. An actual human person... from scratch... a crying, pooping, smiling little bundle of joy... fingernails and all, that beats all the plastering, patioing (still a word) and painting I could possibly have done in the same amount of time.

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