Monday 21 April 2014

MacBook For Sale - Goodbye Shiny Thing, Goodbye.

A couple of days ago John finished wiping all of everything from my trusty old MacBook and doing clean installs, technical gubbins and what have you.... and preparing her for selling. *sad face*

She was my right hand man... I've had her for nearly 5 years... I took her with me when we had to escape the house when building work went wrong, I built and maintained my (now defunct) Etsy shop and this (now thriving) blog on her.. For years we didn't have a TV and my MacBook was how we watched DVDs and unmissable TV.

Watching the Last Shuttle Launch - Our Handmade Home
The Last Shuttle Launch

Sorry for getting emotional about a piece of technology.

When she was new she was ever so sleek and fancy - I am only very slightly techy and need something friendly and preferably a little bit shiny for my sleep-deprived-Mummy-brain to cope with.

...but she had been slowing down lately and it is time for us both to move on.

I've fallen out of love with Apple's shiny prettiness in general. The Apple club is a very expensive club to be a member of and my most recent iphone died around a week ago, the same time as I had decided to give up on my old MacBook - there is no way we could even consider replacing both of them with the current apple models. The same money would pay for someone to build us a new chimney and a new patio which we desperately need.

So I'm now on the lookout for a shiny, but reasonably priced, replacement - I'm leaning towards maybe a chromebook, though I'd be quite happy to use something that runs linux - I'm certainly not thinking anything windows (just don't get me started, I am emotionally fragile and likely to rant obsessively)

I need something that I can happily continue to blog and educate on - I'm currently borrowing Small's laptop... a second hand HP chunky monkey (the computer that is, not the daughter) which we had set up for her mainly for playing games and doing Khan Academy. (We stripped Windows Vista from it to put linux on, so now... it works... unlike Windows Vista... I said don't get me started...)

MacBook For Sale on eBay - Our Handmade Home
MacBook For Sale on Ebay

In the meantime - shameless plug - if any of you are looking for a second hand cleaned up MacBook going cheap... pop over to Ebay.

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